Secrets of Masturbation Video Course

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How to Give Her a Handjob
Step-by-step video on how to give your woman a handjob. 16:39
Mistress Nyne Interview
In-depth interview with Mistress Nyne about squirting, her favorite dildos and vibrators and more. 33:51
Mistress Nyne Demo
Mistress Nyne squirts using her favorite dildos and vibrators. 14:24
Female Masturbation Intro
Overview of female masturbation course. 0:56
Female Masturbation Toys
The variety of toys you can use for better masturbation. 1:37
Female Anatomy
Female anatomy for increased pleasure. 2:17
Breathing for Masturbation
Deep breathing to get your energy flowing. 2:32
Pelvic Grinding
Moving your pelvis is key to deeper orgasms. 3:20
PC Muscle Exercises
Strengthen your PC muscles with kegel exercises. 3:33
PC Muscle Exercises
Strengthen your PC muscles with kegel exercises. 3:33
Starter Masturbation Techniques
These techniques are great to get you hot. 4:07
Combined Vibrator Techniques
Multiple techniques using a vibrator or more intense pleasure. 1:10
Fantasizing while Masturbating
Adding fantasy can help bring it all together. 1:14
The Hitachi Wand with Gspot Stimulator
Watch sexy Ariel user her Hitachi wand vibrator with a gspot stimulator until she squirts! 2:55
Michelle & Tammi
For your inspiration, Michelle and Tammi put on a sexy show! 30:32

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