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What if You Had Your Own Private Sex Tutor to Teach You Everything You Need to Enjoy Hotter, Kinkier Sex and More Intense Orgasms than You’ve Ever Had?

It would be a fantasy come true wouldn’t it?

Come take my hand, and let me show you my Ultimate Secrets for Sex, Passion and Romance

together we’ll explore the world’s only online school dedicated to turning you and your partner on in ways you have never experienced before! …

Cheryl Khanna - Sex CoachBy: Cheryl K
Founder, Ultimate Sex School

Fellow Sex Enthusiast,

It might sound crazy, but I know what you want. Deep down we all want it too. You want some new, more fulfilling ways of getting erotic pleasure …

Don’t worry, with my help, it’s not that hard and it’s about the most fun you’ll ever have in your life! Everyone has a passionate and skilled lover in them yearning to be unleashed …

So where should you begin?

If you want to learn how to have sex that will not only turn your partner on, but get you off even better, then you are definitely in the right place.

And if you are anything like me, you are probably thinking the same things I was when I first took charge of my sex life. See if any of these ideas sound familiar:

I want to learn masturbation techniques for more intense orgasms …

I want to learn about the power of the g-spot and how to make myself or my partner squirt …

I’d love to learn to give an erotic massage that will increase our connection and send chills up the spine …

How do I give him a blowjob that will turn us both on and blow his mind …

Show me more sex positions and how to do them properly. …

I want love making to be fun, sexy, seductive and romantic, rather than a routine I want to get over with …

How do I bring my partner to the edge of orgasm teasing him until they literally explode! lol …

I want to get a little kinky, like maybe spanking, but I am not sure how to make it both fun and safe …

I want to learn to striptease and give a sexy lap dance that will make him want me like never before …

We both want to explore anal sex but want it to be a fun and pleasurable experience for both of us …

He is dying for a prostate massage, I can tell, but I don’t know how to do it …

She wants to be tied up but I need a few pointers on how to do it properly so it is turn on …

I want to know how to use sex toys such as a dildo, a vibrator to enjoy even more intense pleasure …

If you are curious about some or even all of these things, you have come to the right place.

If you can’t tell already, my online school is dedicated to showing you all of this and much more. And I am going to tell you all about it, but before you read on, let me tell you a bit more about myself.

About Me …

My name is Cheryl Khanna, and I am a professional sex coach and pleasure activist. For over 14 years, I have taught people how to masturbate, how to give blowjobs, eat pussy, do gspot massage, lap dance, prostate massage, have hotter, kinkier sex and more. I have put together a group of online videos and resources that will not only teach you all you need to know about erotic dance, but some of the arts of sex and seduction as well.

Some of my other sites you might be familiar with include: SecretsofMasturbation.com, BlowJobSecrets.net, BDSMSecrets.net, ProstateMassageSecrets.net and LapDanceLessons.info.

I do workshops and online tutorials on almost every aspect of sex and relationships and over the years, what I have found, is that what is often missing in most peoples relationships, besides the skills themselves, is the sense of adventure and curiosity to try something new and to make this not just a habit but a new, sexier and more fulfilling lifestyle!

I want to show you how fun a sexier lifestyle can be, but don’t take my work for it. Listen to what tow members of my sex school have to say:

" We always have something new to try … "

"My partner and I lead busy live at work an home. On the surface of things, we were a happy couple, but we both knew something was missing.

Sex had become routine and sometimes we didn’t sleep together for months at a time. When I found your site, we decided to join to get some new ideas. All I can say is it worked!

Every video showed me something different. Instead of the same routine, we found we always had something new to try. It expanded our horizons, and made even ‘our basic routine’ much more fun and exciting because we would always try out a new twist. hehe.

We have been ongoing members ever since because the site delivered on its promise. There is always something new!

The amount of satisfaction, joy and fun we have experienced in our life from being members at the ultimate sex school has been like nothing else. I can’t believe I am saying this, but sex is actually better than shopping now! (but I don’t tell him that. lol.)"

Carol & Sean

Have you ever wished there was a safe way for you to live out your sexual fantasies & gain the confidence you desire in the bedroom?

Most people lead lives of quiet desparation, stuck in the same routine, as little more than a spectator in life. Instead of engaging actively in life, they settle on watching other people live lives of real passion, romance and adventure on tv or in the movies.

Does this sound familiar?

How did this happen? How did we end up this way? Could it be that people were never allowed to live the life they wanted, or were never taught how to be more spontaneous? I know that was definitely true for me. This was one of the reasons why I decided to dedicate my life to encouraging people to live more passionately and spontaneously.

And this is exactly why I created the Ultimate Sex School. (That and people wouldn’t stop bugging until i did!)


So what makes going to my Sex School so much fun?

Most people who teach about sex specialize in just one area: sex techniques, sex therapy, dating & seduction, erotic dance or tantra. But are all these really separate?

I have done workshops on oral sex (how to give a blowjob), masturbation and gspot orgasms, prostate massage (male gspot massage), lap dancing & strip tease, erotic massage, and kinky sex. All of these things require knowledge of the body, creativity, the right sex toys, a sexy attitude and a sense of timing & seduction. Sounds really complicated doesn’t it? Well it isn’t!

As you learn and get better in all of these areas, you’ll start to find great sex becomes more and more spontaneous and effortless every time you do it. It really does become as crazy and passionate as it should be! Sound too good to be true? I promise you it isn’t.

Bringing more joy, love and energy to your life is my job. And I know that every one of my student is different. So I teach you the techniques and attitudes you need to enjoy better sex no matter who you are.

You’ll find step-by-step videos, downloadable guides as well as a variety of bonus material that is suited to every taste. They are based on both my experience and my years of personal workshops, and for the first time I am now offering this online in one place: UltimateSexSchool.info.

Due to overwhelming requests, I collected ALL of my online courses IN ONE PLACE for the first time …

Because I have enjoyed helping so many people get more pleasure and joy in their lives with this information, I have established Cheryl K’s Ultimate Sex School.

You can now benefit from my many years of experience and research, coaching sessions and seminars all in one easy to access, comprehensive online sex resource.


So What I get at the Ultimate Sex School Online?

The Ultimate Sex School is really the best site out there for sex tips and explicit video tutorials. After speaking with hundreds of my existing members, my friends and my workshop participants, I have designed the site to be SUPER easy to access, with lots of variety in both video and printed guides. It is also easy for you to request new videos, and find it on the site right away. Here are some other features of the site:

Prostate Massage Every video contains Clear Voiceover Iinstructions
Prostate Massage Skill is broken down into easy to follow steps so you can master them in less time
Prostate Massage You can access the materials from anywhere, at any time day or night, in the comfort of your home
Prostate Massage Your can view each video as many times as you wish so you can refresh your memory or see how you did
Prostate Massage Have the opportunity to share your own tips :p, give feedback and ask me questions directly
Prostate Massage Benefit from interviews with couples & experts, as well as a variety of teachers
Prostate Massage Watch demonstrations by sexy couples in a variety of settings
Prostate Massage Watch videos have a Full Screen Mode for optimum viewing on screen or on your TV.

Take a Peek Inside the Members Area & Click to See a Preview …

Click to See a Preview Area
*** PLUS! All videos include Full Screen Mode for optimum viewing.

Now that you’ve seen how many videos and guides are available, and how easy it is to access them from the comfort of your home … learn more about the courses themselves and see some sample videos …

Learn More about the Courses and See Their Sample Videos …

I mentioned before, I am including all 5 of my current online courses in one easy to access place. Each of these courses alone contains tonnes of information with hot tips and ideas to try! You can read more about what’s in each of these courses below:

Courses #1 and #2

Erotic Dance Moves and Routines

The Complete Secrets of Masturbation Video Course!

This course includes everything you get with a membership to Secrets of Masturbation including two complete video courses with downloads:

"Secrets of Masturbation" (15 Videos, 118 minutes; 7 Guides, 87 pages).

"G-spot Orgasm Secrets" (13 Videos, 106 minutes,
Ultimate Gspot Guide, 7 pages).

This is my most popular web video course: The Secrets of Masturbation. Where I’ve taught literally thousands of people "the secrets to the most intense, earth-shattering orgasms" of their lives!

The total value of this course including all the bonus is over $329 alone, but this is just one of many courses you’ll have access to in the Ultimate Sex School.

Comments about "The Secrets of Masturbation"

“Thank you for your site. my wife and i have found the joys of female ejaculation and she experiences multiple ejaculations. I found the longer I play by massaging her vulva with warming oils that she squirt more. we use a hitachi wand on her clit and curled hard one on her g spot, when she pushes that out i keep fingering her g spot when it is engorege i can lick it and she comes wonderfully into my mouth over and over again.”
Sun, 9/30/07 6:12 PM


Course #3

Erotic Dance Moves and Routines

The Complete BlowJob Secrets Video Course!

This course includes everything you get with a membership to BlowJob Secrets including 13 videos and 7 guides.

"The All New 5-Part Blowjob Video Series" (6 Videos, 44 minutes).

"The 7-steps to Blowjob Mastery" (7 Videos, 23 minutes).

Seven Complete Guides for Download including:

  • The Basic Blow Job Survival Kit
  • Cheryl’s Secrets on "How to Give Great Head Every Time"
  • The Advanced Blow Job Techniques Guide
  • "How to Deep Throat" The Complete Crash Course
  • Cheryl’s Guide to Male Sexual Anatomy
  • Cheryl’s Guide to Oral Sex Positions for Maximum Pleasure
  • Cheryl’s Guide to Oral Sex Safety.

Blow Job Secrets contains everything you need to know to give "the Most Incredible Spine-Tingling Blow Jobs He’s Ever Had"!

The total value of this course including all the bonuses is over $279, but this is also included in the Ultimate Sex School.

Here’s what one satisfied student of "Blow Job Secrets" had to say:

“Thanks for your site Cheryl. I was always nervous and uncomfortable with the idea of giving a blowjob. I really didn’t want to be awkward. When I found your site I was blown away. lol. finally I found someone who could help me. I now am really confident with my boyfriend. He always asks me how I learned to be such an expert.”

Kate, July 2010


Course #4

Prostate Massage Secrets

The Complete Prostate Massage Secrets Video Course!

This course includes everything you get with a membership to my Prostate Massage Secrets including:

"The Step-by-Step Video Guide to Giving a Hot Prostate Massage" (4 Videos, 11 minutes).

"The 9-Part Male Prostate and Anal Sex Video Series" (9 Videos, 62 minutes).

"The 4-Part Anal and Prostate Massage Video Series" (4 Videos, 62 minutes).

PLUS: Two FREE Bonus Demonstration Videos (prostate milking demo & aneros prostate toy demo).

Six Complete Prostate Massage Guides for Download including:

  • The Male G-Spot Guide
  • The Prostate Health & Massage Guide
  • The How to Give Yourself an Enema Guide
  • The guide to the Male Orgasm
  • The Tantric Guide to Male Orgasm Control
  • The Illustrated Guide to Giving an Erotic Massage

Prostate Massage Secrets contains the "secrets to Prosate Massage, Male Gspot Orgasms, Prostate Milking & more".

The total value of this course including all the bonuses is over $349, but this is also included in the Ultimate Sex School.

More praise for "Prostate Massage Secrets":

“We watched all the videos one by one and tried them out on each other. My boyfriend loved it. I didn’t think he would be in to it, but he wuz. lol. ”
July, 2009


Course #5

Lap Dance Lessons

The Complete Lap Dance Lessons Video Course!

Get everything you need to give a lap dance, erotic dance and strip tease. It includes everything contained in Lap Dance Lessons Video Course:

"Video Workshop #1: Erotic Dance Moves & Routines" (54:46 minutes).

"Video Workshop #2: Strip Tease Moves & Attitudes" (49:06 minutes).

"Video Workshop #3: Lap Dance Workshop Live" (40:07 minutes).

PLUS: 6 FREE Bonuses including:

  • Great Songs to Lap Dance to Guide
  • Letting Go of Stress: A Trip to the Beach (instant hypnosis audio cd)
  • How to Dress for Your Lapdance Guide
  • Lap Dance Music Files Collection
  • Great Oral Sex Techniques
  • PLUS: Secret Bonus Guide (that every girl loves!!!)

Lap Dance Lessons Online will show you how to get "more passion in you love life, by moving your body in ways that make you feel sexier and more alive than ever before!"

The total value of this course including all the bonuses is over $279, but this is also included in the Ultimate Sex School.

Here’s what one satisfied lap dancer said:

"I never expected such a thorough course. I have given 3 lap dances, and everytime I try something new that I learn from the site. Definitely the best site out there on lap dancing!" – Jamie



Course #6

BDSM Secrets

The Complete Guide to Kinky Sex: BDSMSecrets.net Video Course!

Everything you need to really spice things up with some kinky sex secrets including: spanking, wax play, bondage, roleplay and more! It contains everything you get in the BDSM Secrets Video Course:

"BDSM for Better Sex Video Series" (11 part series totaling over 75 minutes).

"Advanced Bondage Step-by-Step Video Series" (4 part series totaling over 55 minutes).

PLUS: 12 FREE Bonus Step-by-Step Guides including:

  • Rope Bondage 101
  • Kinky Sex Games Guide
  • Japanese Bondage Guide
  • How to Spank Your Man Guide
  • Erotic Roleplay
  • Dictionary of Sexual Terms
  • Beginners Guide to Bondage Domination
  • Guide to Becoming an Erotic Slave
  • The BDSM Sex Toy Guide
  • The Fetish Checklist
  • The Female Domination Guide
  • Sextoy Sanitation Guide

BDSM Secrets is for couples or enthusiasts who want to explore their kinky side to expand the boundaries of pleasure in their lives. You learn the secrets to some of the hottest bedroom games you can imagine and feel the deeper sensations you’ve been longing for…

The total value of this course including all the bonuses is over $359 and it is also included in the Ultimate Sex School.

BDSM Secrets has something get you hot …

"Ouch! this is a great site Cheryl. There is enough sexy fun here to dabble and taste for years! Just what the doctor ordered!! " – Miss xc



Courses #7, 8, 9, 10 and …

I am releasing these courses for the first time at UltimateSexSchool.info. They are never before seen courses as part of the ever expanding line of great courses in my naughty little sex school. I hope you enjoy them!

Lap Dance Lessons

Anal Sex Secrets
Anal Sex Secrets Video Course

Includes 3 hot videos showing you everything you need to have fun pleasurable anal sex. It includes:

  • Anal Sex 101
  • Couples Anal Sex Demo #1
  • Couples Anal Sex Demo #2
  • The Anal Sex Positions Guide
  • The Advanced Anal Sex Techniques Guide
Lap Dance Lessons

Erotic Massage Secrets
Erotic Massage Secrets Video Course

Includes 7 steamy sensual videos showing you how to give 7 different styles of erotic massage. It includes:

  • Introduction to Erotic Massage
  • Swedish Erotic Massage
  • Thai Style Erotic Massage
  • Oriental Erotic Massage
  • French Erotic Massage
  • Erotic Massage for the Bath
  • Sensual Erotic Massage Techniques
Kama Sutra Sex Postions

Kama Sutra Sex Positions
Kama Sutra Sex Positions Video Course

The kama sutra sex positions course contains over 53 minutes of live demonstrations of sex positions including sexy demonstrations of:

  • Standing Sex Positions
  • Rear Entry Sex Positions
  • Positions for Deep Penetration
  • Positions for Clitoral Stimulation
  • Positions for Gspot Stimulation
  • Positions for Increased Intimacy
  • and many more …
Penis Exercises

Penis Exercises for Men
Penis Exercises for Men Video Course

This course shows you how to keep your penis healthy using little known techniques that:

  • Increase penis thickness
  • Increase penis stiffness
  • Increase control of ejaculation
  • Increase penis sensitivity
  • Increase penis length
  • How to Use a Penis Pump Effectively
  • and more


Even MORE Courses Coming Soon …

As I mentioned, I constantly receive requests for new courses, tips and information. So if you have any questions or requests you can send them in right in the classroom. New content is added to both existing courses, as well as entirely new courses as well.

Some of the courses that are coming soon include:

  • Handjob Secrets
  • Pubic Hair Shaving Secrets
  • Male Stamina Secrets
  • Tantric Sex Secrets

Once Again You can See All of this Incredible Information Displayed in the Easy to Access Classroom at UltimateSexSchool.info


if you haven’t already take a look at the preview of the classroom to see how easy it is to start your new sexier life today!

What do you think?!? Haha. I know it is pretty HOT!!!!

I am ready to get started Cheryl! How much does all of this cost?

This comprehensive online learning resource is the result of many years of my training, countless hours of research (giggle* ) and numerous expert interviews.

You could pay literally THOUSANDS of dollars on workshops, memberships and courses to learn all these skills, and even then you would learn only a fraction of the information you would as a member of my UltimateSexSchool.

Because I would like to share this information with as many people as possible, I am making this video course available with two special limited time options for new members.


Limited Time Offer for New Members …

The courses included in your membership not available anywhere else. They are each equivalent to a the 6-week workshop courses I run at the following cost:

Value of the Courses Included

The Complete Secrets of Masturbation
& Gspot Orgasm Secrets Video Course
The Blowjob Secrets Video Course $279
The Prostate Massage Secrets Video Course $349
The Kinky Sex Secrets Video Course $279
The Lap Dance Lessons Online Video Course $359
The Anal Sex Secrets Video Course $269
The Erotic Massage Secrets Video Course $389
The Kama Sutra Sex Positions Video Course $429
The Penis Exercises for Men Video Course $269
The Handjob Secrets Video Course (coming soon ***) $329
The Pubic Hair Shaving Secrets Video Course (coming soon ***) $249
The Male Stamina Secrets Video Course (coming soon ***) $469
Tantric Sex Secrets Video Course (coming soon ***) $279
Total Workshop Value for All the Courses $4,277
For a Limited Time Only You Can Access to All of This and Receive My Personal Attention for an Incredible Discounted Price!

My Incredible Discount Offer: Unlimited Sexual Mastery
Six (6) sensual and fun-filled months of access to all courses for just $87!

For a limited time, I am offering a discount from the regular $4,277 price of these workshops, to the low price of a night out for two: just $87! That’s a savings of over $4,108!

I know you are going to love being my new private student so much, in fact …

I am So Confident You Will Learn Everything You Need and So Much More in my Ultimate Sex School that You Can Try it RISK-FREE

Lap Dance Lesson Online GuaranteeThat’s right, I am giving you a 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee! I am so confident that the Ultimate Sex School will teach you everything you need to know to have a sizzling hot sex life that will turn both you and your partner on like never before, that I am offering a Risk Free Guarantee.

If after taking the video workshops (for three months) and trying the techniques yourself, you are not completely satisfed with your purchase, simply contact me for a full, no-hassle refund.



AND as a Special Gift for New Students, I am Offering the Following FREE Bonuses …

Bonus #1:

" Ideas for Passion and Romance "

Want music with the right beat and sexy sound for your lap dance. This list will give you plenty of ideas to make your lap dance the fun and excting experience you want it to be.

$19.95 Value – Yours FREE!

Bonus #2:

" How to Get the Man You Want in Bed "

Relaxing and letting go is the key to a great lap dance. This guided hypnosis mp3 will melt your stress away and guide you through a pleasurable journey to a tropical beach paradise. It is so nice, you won’t want to come back.

$49.95 Value – Yours FREE!

Bonus #4:

" How to Pick Up Women … Effortlessly "

Want some music that will get you in the mood and get you started right away? These songs are specially written for lap dances and strip tease with beats that will make your dance effortless and fun.

$29.95 Value – Yours FREE!

Bonus #5:

" Threesome Secrets Revealed "

Hey girls. You never know, you MIGHT get lucky and drive him wild with lust for you after he sees your smooth sensual dance moves. Just think how hot things will get when you give him a blow job like never before
with the secrets in the Hot Oral Sex Techniques bonus.

$49.95 Value – Yours FREE!

That’s over $180 Dollars Worth of Bonuses

Yours for FREE!

PLUS! I am also throwing in a Secret Bonus just to be a tease :p
Here’s a hint: You can never have enough of this!

Looks Incredible Right?

Just Take a Look at Everything in my Ultimate Sex School One More Time …

Lap Dance Lessons Course

The UltimateSexSchool is the Only School Where SEX is Your Major! lol.

Most people spend $100,000 or more to go to college, when all they secretly want is to get laid anyway! At the end of it all, they end up with a bunch of useless information crammed into their heads and STILL don’t know what they are doing in bed!

What is you could study what you really want to in college?
That’s right: SEX!
Now you can and at a fraction of the cost!

Don’t Be a FREAK and Miss This Unique Opportunity … Why Not Get What You Really Want!

You might think you can learn all of this stuff on your own, or you already know it anyway. There is a reason why the Kama Sutra was written and you need to find out.

The fact is, if you don’t start learning how to be the lover you were meant to be righ now, you never will.

Are you going to go through your life, like everyone else, being passive and always doing what you’re told, and never getting what you want? If you do you are going to go on being bored and depressed too. Why not take your power back and take action? Don’t put it off.

JOIN ME on this incredible sensual journey right now!

Sounds Great Cheryl … I WANT IN!

You are just a few seconds away from getting access to the videos, guides, bonuses, and music at Lap Dance Lessons Online! Just click the link below and follow the instructions …

Click Here to Have Hotter Sex Right Now!

Cheryl K.
Your Lap Dance Coach

P.S. Remember, it’s RISK-FREE, satisfaction guaranteed!

Cheryl Khanna
C/O CKhanna Publishing
Suite 2914 – 100 N Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, Florida

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